Despite my numerous attempts to rid my friends of various amounts of party attendants (guests including V Festival: the tramp with alcohol stains spilt down him and friendship bracelet: the hipster with the frayed hair) taking place at the wrist, I have so far failed. It now seems I have reconsidered the idea and become rather fond of the arm party and actually, wouldn’t mind attending myself. Although, I will come a little classier- if you don’t mind? 

Formulated by man-repeller Leandra Medine, the term ‘arm party’ is, according to Urban Dictionary ‘when somebody wears a bunch of different bracelets on the same arm’. Simple. Well, not simple. Complex, confusing and colourful but undeniably cool. It seems the arm-party has become something of a fashion fever. With wrist gear customisations including a dangerously spiked bracelet to a leather belt, an aztec bangle to a twisted gold plated snake, a casio watch to a friendship bracelet courtesy of your best friend, this is fashion at its most adaptable.

Spotted on fashionistas around the world, this season’s fashion-on-wrist is an accessory bloggers heaven.  Rough to smooth, chunky to shapely, gold to silver, silver to gold, your wrist needs some material. Here are my top 10 necessary wrist decoration additions at a range of prices:

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  1. I know its been a long time but this whistles bracelet is amazing and I am looking for it, it's obviously out of stock everywhere since its a couple years old. Would you be willing to sell me yours if you still have it? (if you don't wear it, anymore.)

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