Compliments to Miley Cyrus for summarising all my emotions into the memorable chorus line: who owns my heart is it love or is it art? Art unquestionably indicating fashion.

Do the Isabel Marant sneakers really own my heart or am I merely stuck in the heat of a fashion moment, lost in a sporty phase only to make an appearance over this Olympic summer. Either way, I am stopped dead in my tracks. Running tracks that is.

It seems I have found myself translucently in love with translucents, adoring anoraks, crazy about cycling shorts and sweating about sweatshirts. The Olympic-sports-fever is contagious and every fashionista knows it. From crop tops to bomber jackets, zippers to velcro, neon to white, mesh panel to glossy fabric, the sports luxe trend will have your heart racing.

With Alexa Chung modelling for superga and Beyonce sporting a leotard and sneaker ensemble, contradicting the pretty-in-peach-pastels trend and overtaking every high street shop this dubious sporty-style adds a minimalistic yet stark edge to the hot topic of fashion. But how do we piece this sportsman trend together without looking like a self proclaimed, let’s face it.. chav. How do we pair track suits and stilettos? How can we work a skin-tight cycling short? A hooded anorak in the summer? What about these wedged trainers?

Fear not fashion followers, this catwalk style is easy to reciprocate without looking like a fashion disaster. Take a look at the magazine racks, flick past the pages of ‘p words’ to the sports section and what do you see? No, not a tacky disaster, but tailored elegance; a glamour version of JD Sports spread out onto a glossy double page spread. A sweat shirt courtesy of Alexander Wang, a neoprene rucksack from Pierre Hardy and a Michael Kors neon yellow racer-zip bodycon. But don’t despair at a pricey label. As said before, this year the high street has been fully active stocking sports supplies as quickly as it takes to zip into your new bomber jacket. Oh. You’re already in it? It seems fashion does own our hearts.

Here is a list of top 10 (cheap) athletic apparel you need this summer:

The Olympics is ready for you, but are you ready for the Olympics?

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