OK. So hopefully you’ll be reading this in sugary pastel-hued apparel or perhaps in silky pyjama-esque attire, maybe you’re even in an aztec print dress, in the office in a seductive peplum-shaped skirt or even anticipating the Olympics in a vogue-version of JD sportswear, either way there’s no doubt you’re arm party is congregated with various party attendants.

But wait – I forgot the most important element. The fundamental substance to any mixture; the gin to your tonic, the rhubarb to your custard, the cream to your coffee, the bread to your butter, the neccessary; the shoes. And as we all know- you can never have too many.

Embrace your inner Justin Bieber: hi-tops are in… but with a fashion-modification. If the sports-wear clothing wasn’t shocking enough, this certainly is. As this Summers 90s revival waves goodbye to conventional hi-tops, we say hello to a furthermore contemporary design: an infused wedge. Yes, you heard it, a wedged trainer, this season’s sports-luxe shoe. With compliments to Isabel Marant this audacious design was seen sported by models on last year’s runway and is still in with a kick. This feminine trainer is a fashionistas most lusted item due to its comfortable quirkiness and is unregrettably number one on my fashion wish-list. Paired with your elasticated joggers and mesh vest or even a mix mash of sexy-meets-sporty, team with a silk playsuit, spotted on various celebrities since last year, including Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Kate Bosworth and Alicia Keys, this outre footwear should have your heart pumping.

Whilst the androgynous gesture may not be for all, the elegance of the ankle-strap heel is fashion for a woman of class (with added rebelliousness). Feminine yet fierce, refined yet raunchy, the ankle strap heel is a luxurious leg lengthening look. With fashion label Givenchy creating something of a provocative padlock and Celine exhibiting the foot wear with ankle straps resembling something of a belt it’s time to get buckled into these babies. Perfect for teaming with a cropped jean or even a silk pyjama pant, this Summer make sure you have a pair of stylish straps in your closet.

For a more futuristic feel the transparent shoe is grabbing every fashion follower’s attention. Although a certain P word comes to mind when you consider the transparent shoe, wasn’t last year’s bondage gear the formulated slut appeal to sex appeal? Perhaps this trend is simply the modernized glass slipper? Possibly a distant relation to the peep toe come to visit? Seen on ELLEs march 2012 issue, fashion icon Alexa Chung managed to pull off a pair of Dolce and Gabbana diaphanous-daring-duds elegantly and with class whilst labels including Prada, Erdem, Richard Nicoll and Phillip Lim have had their own transparent troupe. Teamed with metallics, neoprene or leather this shoe is perfect for this Summer’s sports wear trend.

Finally, thank you Louis Vuitton for indulging us with sugar sprinkled eyelet lace, simple silhouettes and silk cellophane skirts. No thank you Louis Vuitton for the contradicting cramply structured heels. Yet, isn’t fashion pain? No doubt Gaga would consent to this quote. Heading in a rather.. squished direction, the point is in. (Note: another P to your P list.) Sexy yet sophisticated these sharp shoes should have you at the height of fashion this season. Spotted on a certain carousel, strutted down a Miu Miu’s catwalk and designed by a Mr Alexander Wang, point your way to the shoe store right now.

The idea of contradiction plays a massive trend this season. Do sports and luxe really fit in the same sentence? Sporty and sexy; is that even possible? How can you possibly be fierce yet refined? How can something see-through appear classy? Provocatively pointed yet sophisticated shoes? Fashion is full of contradictions and it’s time to bind them together for a full blown fashionable foot fiesta.

Here is a list of various wedged/strapped/pointed/transparent shoes (at a variety of prices) you need for Summer:

9 thoughts on “THE SHOES

  1. when i first looked i did not notice but after what u said it clicked!!
    I haven't heard (until now that is) about “wedged trainer” sounds great i gotta check them out!!
    yeah i'm not feeling the transparent shoe either!
    oh the beauty of fashion, a vulgar material/trend can definitely look sophisticated and classy it all depends on how, where to waer it and who wears it and most important with the right state of mind it can look stunning!
    I really enjoyed reading your post dear u gotta a way with words!:D

  2. i wasn't too sure about the wedged trainer to begin with, but seeing them in the magazines just makes me want them more! paired with the right clothes they'll definately look quirky and give off that sporty-fashion vibe! thank you! expect some outfit photos within the next week hopefully! xxx

  3. thanks so much lovely for following my blog! 🙂 i'm now following yours as well :).
    i love the way write! and omgg, tht's so funny cause I just bought some new converse hi-tops..cant wait to stud them! ;). and SO agree, hi tops are soo amazing, not to mention comfy!

    <3, Kathleen.

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