So you’ve had your gin and tonic and you’re either intoxicated in Vogue’s definition of a ‘sports-luxe’ shoe, buckled into your ankle straps, pointing your way down the street in seductively sharp shoes or imitating a modernised Cinderella in a vinyl slipper. Teamed with your P-Word Apparel, whether it be a silk pyjama-resembled ensemble, a provocative peplum or a palatable pastel piece it seems you are ready to be street-style papped. Not forgetting your arm party, which should hopefully be congregated with various party-goers.

But wait, aren’t we forgetting something? Reading a certain Vogue article recently regarding underwear made me consider the notion: whilst fashionable clothes are the epitome to any fashionable person, aren’t we forgetting the smaller details? Whilst the gin and tonic is enough to get you giddy, the supplementary lime is the additional zest to your fashionably-flavoured remedy.

In terms of this metaphorical alcoholic substance, I have never been one to fuss over the additional lime believing it was an unnecessary supplement to an already good drink. However, without the accompanying side, I beg to ask the question: what is your gin and tonic without a zesty kick? What are your silk striped pyjamas without a pair of suede tassel earrings?

As I look into my wardrobe, I am distinctly aware of the numerous shirts, trousers, jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts that encounter my rails, yet as I look into my, yes, ‘additional wardrobe’ I am particularly wary of the absence of any belt, scarf, sunnies or for a matter of fact, jewellery. It seems I have been composing outfits worth only a long distance shot, covertly dismissing any close up revealing a silk scarf or even an ear party.

Wait, am I the first to coin the term ‘ear party’? Have I beaten The Man Repeller to it? Gathered at ‘the lobe’ say hello to this seasons’ statement attendants including fruity-Lucy, fruit and vegetable earrings courtesy of Dolce and Gabanna and the tantalising tassel earrings resembling the ends of your cushions, compliments to Isabel Marant. Worn with your p-word-prints these shoulder-grazing studs are sweeping the catwalk this season, literally.  

OK, is an eye-party going a little overboard? Either way, this summers sunglasses are certainly not for the party-poopers. Paying homage to Prada’s 50s inspired clothing trend, it’s time to embrace your inner Marilyn Monroe with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. Ranging from tortoise shell to sugary pastel hues this season’s new silhouette will give you a whole new eye on the hot topic of fashion – pun intended.

This season scarf print patterns have played a dominant trend, flourishing into a fully-flavoured-fashion-frenzy on the catwalk – but what about the scarf itself? Both multi-functional and multi-fashionable this printed manipulation is enough to get fashion followers.. following? From a head-scarf to a neck-scarf, an efficient belt to an additional attendant to your arm party, seen on Rocha’s runway to Marc Jacobs models this patterned-plus-is-a-must to your accessory ambry.

As previously mentioned, this summer sees sporty at its most fashionable: an Olympic runway show-casing sports-luxe gear from silk tracksuit bottoms to a certain wedged trainer, and it seems this athletic apparel has reciprocated into athletic accessories. To partner your Cinderella inspired slippers: a Cinderella inspired belt, or to put it simply a transparent belt. Perspex has been the primary material this season, reincarnated into various apparel now including the one and only belt and it’s time to get buckled into this fashionable ride.      

So there you have it. From food inspired earrings to animal resembling glasses, multi-talented scarfs to pointless yet fashion-purposeful belts. Here are my top 10 necessary accessories:


  1. Your writing is INSANE!

    I'm obsessed. Alliteration may be my favorite thing in the world – but you seriously outdo yourself. I've never been able to find so many P's to put together.

    Cannot believe how fun this was to read, and how many new words I learned in the process. Love your references to TMR, and your accessory choices are pristine.

    I think my faves are the River Island scarf and the ASOS Tort Cat Eye sunglasses. I want those sunglasses so bad! Cat Eye is my thing.

    I will definitely be back. This is such a unique blog .


  2. thank you so much! this means a lot you read the whole thing haha! i try to make my writing as colourful as possible and i'm glad you loved my alliteration haha! and YES, love the man repeller! go leandra! i'm thinking about ordering the eBay earrings, a lot cheaper than the d&g ones! thank you, i will try and update a lot more regularly! next post is possibly about bags? the fancy cocktail umbrella to my gin and tonic 😀 xxx

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