I apologize. I realise my metaphors have been over worn, obviously not in the sartorial sense, but certainly in the literary sense. However, I must affirm, you can’t drink your gin and tonic (with the supplementary lime, of course) without the ice. OK. You probably know where this is going, your gin and tonic is simply un-cool without it ya de ya. But what is this necessary pun-on-ice? The handbag of course.

Carrie Bradshaw branded the shoes as ‘the necessary’, however I can only state the obvious: a shoe can’t hold the following essentials: your blackberry, your YSL lipstick, your cat eye sunglasses, your keys, your wrigleys extra chewing gum, your digital camera, your note pad, your sanitary towels, your tampons and… you get the point. Without your handbag you are- quoted by every female alive- ‘practically naked’.

‘MA GRANDMA MADE IT’ Who remembers a certain charismatic Laura Kirkpatrick, cycle 13 contestant for America’s Next Top Model? Well no, we won’t be donning a pair of denim dungaree’s, a pair of wellington boots and carrying a bucket of milk if that’s what your presuposing, but this season fashion pays homage to the notion of ‘home-spun’. Natural fabrics including wicker and wood detailed with various use of beading and chunky stitching have been incorporated into this seasons bags. Spotted on the Burberry SS2012 Collection runway, this ‘granny-made-it’ motive is set to be a hit.

Keeping on track with the current Olympic orientation, the rucksack has hit the racks. No, this is not your typical seventh grade too-big-to-carry, quoted: ‘ouch my back hurts’ item, this is your Alexander Wang cross-body, leather mesh-effect duffel bag. The reincarnated gym kit bag is a must for the sports-luxe trend, ensembled in the day time with a chunky knit jumper, shiny leggings and a pair of wedged trainers this it-girl-bag is a mix of sassy meets sporty.

By now I’m sure you have realised the reoccurring transparent theme. Be an all-in-one modernized cinderella donning persky perspex and troublesome translucents with a, yes, see through bag. This alternative attribute has been large on the catwalk this season re-created into particularly, the clutch. (yes ladies, don’t forget the clutch also belongs to the semantic field of ‘bag’). Hand-accessorised by celebrity style icons including Olivia Palermo and Emma Watson, the Charlotte Olympia perspex clutch has been a highly noticeable piece. To complement this audacious addition, wear metallic’s for an all out futuristic Cinderella.

Last year Vogue quoted it wasn’t about which bag, it was about how you held it. This year neither is it the size or the shape of the bag, but in particularly the material. This season introduces exotic material from seductive snake skins to curious crocodile carapace in a range of hues. From a structured satchel to a tidy tote, the SS2012 designs have been a reoccurring hit on the runway from designers including Bottega Veneta and Roberto Cavalli. Contrast with minimalistic clothing for a skinpact you won’t forget.

Whatever your style, whether it be an Olympic athlete, a modern day cinderella, an all out country girl or an animal enthusiast, make sure you check out my top 10 ice cubes:


  1. My goodness. I cannot imagine how long these posts take you.

    Such thought and eloquence put into your writing style! Just the way that your words flow combined with the quirky, humorous element is really addicting.

    I have so much fun trying to guess what the post will be about, and seeing you the flesh-out the trend at hand.

    That Wang bag is popping up all over the place – something about it is so strange. Is it just me, or does it look like the body of some sort of beetle or hard-shelled bug?

    Probably just me.

    Love this blog.


  2. oh gosh, i spent waaay too much time on them planning them out! thank you so so much! it means a lot you like the way i write! i'm really hoping to go into the journalism industry but no idea how. i finish college in a couple of weeks and am going to have to find myself a job, however i'm going to keep myself blogging and fingers crossed vogue stumbles across my blog? haha 😉 yessss, i love mr. wangs sporty catwalk this season! xxxx new post soon-ish?!

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