If someone told me last year white shoes were making a comeback, I think I would have jumped off the fashion bandwagon and hitched a ride home with the Pauls Boutique bevy. However, if a certain Mr. Wang approves of a white palette south of the ankle then so fashion followers, let it be.

‘Who owns my heart, is it love or is it art?’ It seems only appropriate to quote Miley for a second time. Do I really approve of a shoe worn by a certain Cher Horowitz in 90s chick-flick Clueless with connotations held only towards Essex girls or do I take the dirt-ridden stride down this fashion path?

This year talking ‘dirty’ does not revolve around the field of, well, ‘the birds and the bees’. It revolves around a ‘Bianca Runway Fishskin Sandal by Alexander Wang’ (apologies – excusing the Wang reference). Oh, but please don’t refrain at the absence of any sexual associations as these duds certainly denote a sensual sentiment but in a slightly more erm man-repelling approach.

Dismissing the various branded attachments to the white shoe motif including the notorious ‘Essex slag’, something regarding Labour Day and the hue of colour a bride is unequivocal in wearing, the white shoe is something of a dark horse among the fashion competition. Although one is wary in exhibiting a shoe with such stigma’s attached, after Kate Moss elegantly modelled a Louis Vuittons white number fashion followers, well, followed. And as did I.

These pair acquired from Zara were bought only a few fashionable weeks ago. Despite not wearing them outside of the house due to the following, I a. don’t want to spill alcoholic substances on them, b. (cliché, I know) don’t have an outfit to style it with and c. haven’t been invited to such event where a white shoe is a necessity, I have resolved to strutting around my house in these strappy striders and taking instragram photos of them in my spare time.

Despite the ability to transform from tones of white to tones of brown oh-so-conveniently, a white shoe worn with the correct sartorial statements in which yes mother, I don’t own and can’t afford, can obstruct the self-proclaimed TOWIE (google it) bird and head in a direction towards a place named Fashionable. Taking on this Summer’s all-white-wrinkle displayed by Designers including Jil Sander and Celine, wear your heels with minimalistic precision-cut tailoring in cotton or silk or for a Summer semblance style liberal amounts of lace. If you’re too apprehensive concerning too-much-white, the Olympic trend mentioned countless times before offers an allocation for the trend opposing the more casual, wedged trainer. Styled with fluorescent hues to compliment, wear shades of lemon, lime and orange in materials of neoprene, silk or heck – latex.

Whatever you do, just try not to dirty up those babies, unless you like the dirty talk of course.

PS. Man Repeller labelled Zara as a copy and paste tactic, although this is undeniably true, I can only see this as an undeniable positive and I undeniably love it’s tactic and believe you should purchase these snake skin strappies which are undoubtedly a spin-off of Mr. Wangs Fishskin Sandal for a price of £59.99 GPB

5 thoughts on “TALKING DIRTY

  1. I've personally always loved a white shoe…I've just never braved them due to the reasons you've listed! This pair is gorgeous though, I love Zara so much. I'm glad that it provides designer looks for less! You can get some really fab, unique pieces in there too though xxx

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