I realise the notion of the birds and the bee’s has appeared- through it’s use of innuendo’s and what-nots, to become a trait of confessingfashion, perhaps more than I expected. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the weather. I also realise quoting lyrics has become a current occurrence. Either way, a specific Salt-n-Pepa song quoted in the title is enough to get your fashion minds speculating the sex motif.

Reverse the fashion clock to the catwalk shows of Autumn/Winter 2011 where hues of black were evident, as was the unambiguous flesh of bare skin. A fashionable brothel home to designs of Givency, Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen models. Latex, rubber and leather; bondage was not just for the indoors for this provocative fashionista. Now precede to the catwalk of Spring/Summer 2012 offering a hyperbolic ultra-feminine yet ingénue figure. A debutante styled in ice cream shades replete in lace, feather and flower embellishments connoting a sugary sweet-lipped sentiment. It seems contradiction has set sail again in a space of a few months; fashion followers have replaced their leather for feather and cigarettes for lollipops.

Fashions perspective is perhaps more distorted in comparison to a male’s definition of sexy. Whilst a bonerfied sartorial statement will including the following: a. flesh, b. boobs, c. leg and d. all of the above placed with a dress referred to only as ‘skimpy’, fashions attitude towards the concept last year led the term to be amplified into what can only be described as an erotic matrix. However, with the introduction to the pastel hued honey, the sexual approach seems to be at a point virgin, with the term as relatable to the innocent gesture as chilli is chocolate. HOLD UP.

Inspect closely and it appears there is a sly undercurrent in this seasons covert designs. Back to my first post regarding the ‘P’ words – consider pyjamas: a masculine comfort: slouchy silhouettes yet silky and seductive. Stepped straight out of the bedroom and onto the catwalk, the androgynous gesture symbolises an autonomous female ready to kick fashion-ass. Take a Stella McCartney ensemble for instance: a stretch silk-satin playsuit, offering a multi-functional female, whether worn in bed or worn at Bed (you remember that swanky new place where Carrie and the girls went, right?), laid back is the new fashion luxury.

Back to another P word, seek perspex: the material of Summer. The ability to wear a material only to reveal what is underneath. Point? None, fashion points? One. Surely the ultimate purpose of the perspex is to expose skin through an excuse quoted ‘it’s in fashion mum’. Donned on catwalks including Phillip Lim and Prada this material is Cinderella chic with the added cheeky.

Paying homage to Prada, the 50s house wife has become something of an icon within the fashion household. Cat eye sunglasses, flower prints, fruit prints, mid length hems and yes – bared midriffs, the reinvented 50s woman now reveals skin amid an elasticated bralette and a high waisted pleated skirt. If a glimpse of flesh isn’t enough for your man to swoon then blame the burgers- stomach crunches are a necessity.     

Fashions attempt at opposing sexy has led to an accidental innocence gesture suggesting virgin, note: this isn’t a bad thing. Wear lace and think vulnerable, wear lace and appear voluptuous. Wouldn’t you agree the innocent motif represent sex preferably more than the outdaring bondage wear? After all, bikini waxes are the ‘now’ of fashion and I can only state the obvious: hair equals old, whereas appearing as a baby would (baby-wax?!) we have (or porn has) taken the idea of innocent to a whole different level.


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