Although the term ‘printed’ automatically forms a brain response imagining a younger self formally known as a ‘scene kid’ adopting a trend resembling that of an animal i.e. zebra print stuck-to-the-skin skinny jeans, a neon leopard print t-shirt and a haircut one can only refer to as a lions mane, it seems I have adopted the trend yet again, heading in a slightly more fashionable approach. Note yet another ‘P’ to your wardrobe, adorned on fashionista’s around the world, the paisley motif has finally hit the high-street rails.

Paying homage to the psychedelic era, the sixties, think the Beatles on their pilgrimage to India: intricate, baroque detailing creating a bohemian-esque sartorial statement, the paisley print is the alternative to florals this season. Incooporated into various designers work including Stella McCartney, JW Anderson and this summers trend setter Jil Sander, the ethnic-inspired print has been implanted into various designs from silk shirts to pyjama-esque attire suggesting a boyish yet bold proposal.  

Sported on various style icons including Florence Welch donning a head-to-toe paisley printed silk tailored pant suit and Alexa Chung in a pair of white swirling sixties slacks at London Fashion Week, the resurgence of this versatile print has led to a fashion frenzy. From the ethnical scarf prints of Dolce and Gabanna to the ikat injected print of Burberry, a Persian pickle sprouted set to grow within the fashion industry.

But how to wear such a prominent print? If you’re too apprehensive regarding the overload of swirls seek a printed cropped trouser and a plain shirt or tee keeping to a minimalistic tone yet with an added edge. If an audacious attitude is more your groove team together an androgynous gesture culling a Hugh Hefner-esque pyjama attire pairing a silk button up printed shirt with a silk palazzo pant (even foot-accessorise with a velvet slipper.) Subservient to our ambiguous weather unaware of mother natures temperament, I’ll let you into a little secret: when warm opt for bright hues of oranges and yellows in cotton whilst as the cold days return, wear darker shades of blues and greens in silk material.    

Beating Zara to it, these pair, pictured above, acquired from Topshop for £40.00, available in hot pants (which I can’t deny: I also bought) are set for this upcoming fall combining the plucky print with the distinguished colour of Autumn, purple. Worn with a black velvet slipper shoe, the opulent theme is in full swing. 

Here are my top 10 crazy paisley buys:

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