I’m ever so dubious regarding winter shoes. Is it unnecessary to invest in every ‘key footwear trend’ rather than devote yourself to one simple, sophisticated yet hard wearing boot ready to brave whatever fashion winds may be ahead? This year I opted for the former as fashion woes set in towards the end of September knowing the strappy gladiator heels were a no-go, as were the satin peep-toes as Mother Fashion started to channel some chills.

My shoe cupboard (that’s the shoe boxes piled up in the corner of my bedroom) currently consists of 7 winter shoes – ones I regard as ‘winter’ shoes anyway. However, my payday wish list includes a variety of covetable accessories, from Gucci’s python print knee boots to the rubber sole ‘monster’ creepers on the Gaga catwalks of Stella McCartney. Considering this is a ‘wish list’ however, with the abundance of exquisite yet expensive trends hitting the fashion catwalk, here is a simple seasonal summary of wearable wing-tips for your wardrobe this winter.

CUT OUT BOOTS – Recently nominated ‘the most annoying shoe of the season’ are the cult cut out boots. Owned and donned on every female, even those remotely interested in the latest vogue, the cut out boot is likely to be thrown into the boutique bin as quickly as you can say ‘wedged trainer’. However for now, the androgynous grunge-for-girls 90s redux is still at an all time fashion-high and we just can’t get enough. Inspired by the Balenciaga Boot of SS11, high street stores from Topshop to River Island have immersed themselves within the ankle adorning trend. Victorian notions have set sail as flesh revealed beneath the bondage strap buckles connote a rebellious streak. Paired with petite sartorial wear for an oppositional yet purposeful point these chunky chic’s imply a suggestible sex-kitten who can pull anything off

KNEE HIGH BOOTS – Embrace your inner Julia Roberts. Any mention of my fervour for knee-high-boots instantly conjures a ‘Pretty Woman’ scene of a certain red-haired Vivian Ward strutting down Rodeo Drive into people’s minds. Look, I say, the closest you’ll ever be to lycra is wet-look leggings and I am in no state of fashion mind to even attempt hooker elegance since I’m not Rihanna and I’m only verging on 5ft 4. Take the boot in suede, knee high, flat and pair it with a mini skirt – flared. Wall-ah. Wearing a tight-ass skirt will ruin the sophisticated illusion, as would a maxi skirt (that’s for the hippy-folk.) Flared is suggestible yet sweet, pulling of a swinging sixties vibe, knee-highs are similar to the cut out boots, revealing minimum flesh for that suggestive concept.

CHELSEA BOOTS – With androgynous accents and mod influences, the Chelsea boot is a British babe exclusively for British babes. Alexa Chung, the human showcase of fashion trends is notably a Chelsea boot hoarder donning the elasticated shoe in a variety of different materials, shapes and (heel) sizes. Designed purposefully for the slip on/slip off function, the stretchy boot asserts an ‘I’m too à la mode for laces’ statement. From leather to suede, brogue detailing to a pointed toe, stiletto heeled to a platform sole, funky leopard print to a modette white leather; sported with a ripped skinny jean, your favourite bands t-shirt (note: not one direction) and a fur coat, this off-duty model vibe is a practical point towards the fashion world.

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