As the New Year appears inevitably closer as does the end of the month pay-day. Rummaging through shop after shop, laden with gifts bought for family and friends, Christmas shopping can appear a daunting task for the shoe buyers among us. Whilst last month’s pay swiftly sinks down the fashion drain, spent on unnecessary gag gifts in a hasty last minute decision for your distant cousin, the yearning for a pair of ‘New Year’s Party’ heels grows ever more obsessive.
For the majority of us who had piled up presents in the corner of the bedroom- price stickers still attached, inexpertly wrapped following an alcohol incentive late Christmas Eve, a self-congratulation is in order. As a self proclaimed fashion-fanatic my fashion wish list is growing forever longer: from another pair of skinny jeans to a new pink coat courtesy of Zara, one in which any relative of mine will refuse to purchase due to a profuse price tag and a ridiculous option in material for this seasons weather.
And what better way to congratulate yourself for resisting the urge to buy yourself a pair of decadent chandelier earrings you saw when purchasing a nail varnish set for your little sister than splurging your pay packet on these fashion jewels.
Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls – Listed as one of Time magazines ‘25 Best Blogs’, ‘Man Repeller’ is a fun fashion find formatted by witty eccentric Leandra Medine. Making a name for herself as a quirky critic, Medine’s outré style of blending kooky catwalk reporting with comical personal accounts (featuring a vast amount of sexual references) has her followers in stitches. At 23 the fashion enthusiast has just released her first book, a memoir recounting significant recollections from a variety of sartorial choices from crying in Topshops changing room in a sequin blazer and drop crotch pants to throwing up in her dear Grandmas vintage Hermes purse.
A Pink Coat: Add a touch of femininity to your androgynous wardrobe with the unanticipated colour of the season, pink. From baby rose hues to electric magenta the catwalks of AW13 showcased various designers favour of the ultra feminine colour. Injected into the masculine-tailored silhouettes of Celine’s catwalk the shifty shade made for a sophisticated sweetheart who just wants to verify she still reads vogue. Whilst designers such as Louis Vuitton took inspiration from the boudoir recoiling a 50s glamour puss complete in laced silk dresses culling pyjama-esque attire with a satin pink dressing gown.
Leather Dungarees: Play Rihanna this season in fashions raunchy meets rodeo number. Yes, the 90s overalls are back, but with a fashion modification- leather. Whilst the slouchy silhouettes have remained a constant trend over the past year from pale washed denim slacks to floral cotton pinafores see: Alexa chung, the luxe leather suggests an audacious attitude. Pair your leather with a crop top, chunky boots and jewellery resembling some form of weaponry and POW- you’re the ultimate rock chick.

Slipper Shoes: Part loafer part slipper, the slipper shoe is vogues most versatile footwear trend. Branded as the new ballet pump, the slip on slip off support has given heel-haters a helping hand this season. The boudoir influence is at an all time high as Hugh Hefner remains a constant style icon within fashion this year. Although I wouldn’t advise a dressing gown, opt for a classy yet cushy ensemble, think pyjama printed trousers and a fine knit jumper. 

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