A pinstripe baseball tee unintended to fulfil its bat-swinging purpose teamed with a pair of neon mesh ‘running’ shoes intended for no greater use than a pair of stilettos. Sound familiar? This season, it appears the rule of contradiction is almost obligatory within the sartorial statements donned by adolescents reminiscing an early nineties fashion movement.

As the resurgence of the sports luxury hybrid cements itself as a constant catwalk contender, what is it that appeals to the fashion conscious regarding Reebok sneakers and snap-back promoting a team no one has ever heard of?
Cliché I know, but it’s in fashion.

Keeping on track with the Olympic orientations seen circling the catwalk for the past few years, the athletic ensembles of SS14 sought yet another ‘sports luxe’ label. From the coveted bomber jacket to a newly introduced cricket jumper, the incorporated preppy-ness injected into this distant summer’s apparel is already embracing the wardrobes of style savvy street urchins.

The simplistic yet stark sporty statement has honoured the catwalks time and time again, unashamedly due to its comfortable tendencies. Whilst Japanese label Sacai’s elasticised silk trousers symbolised the mixture between comfort and class, the oversized basketball shirts at Tommy Hilfiger reciprocated with it’s leisure-as-luxe wear.

From neoprene to silk, satin to nylon, hi-tech fabrics were abound during Fashion Week. Inserted into statement pieces such as pleated tennis skirts, laser-cut shirts, boiler suits and logo tee’s, sport was certainly haute. With an abundance of athletic apparel hitting the runway, it was evidently the details that defined the designs. From the jewel embellished football socks showcased on the lanky legs of Prada models to the patent purple sneakers at Marc Jacobs the sporty accents were aplenty.

The intertwining of laid back and luxury is still a contemporary custom to fashion trends. With it’s ability to suggest a complaisant casual- chick through slouchy silhouettes and a fashion feline through its use of opulent fabrics, there’s no wonder youngsters are adhering to the trend. And after all, what teenage hipster doesn’t like a marathon of Fresh Prince purely for fashion acknowledgement. So, invest in prolapsed joggers a.k.a MC Hammer pants, team with a silk bomber jacket, add some jewels to your neck, heck- maybe throw in the sun visor for good measure and adopt a sporty yet swanky, ‘it’s in fashion mum!’ style.

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