As anticipated, the resurgence of adolescents in Colchester donning a sartorial statement fabricating a vintage-hoarder is abundant. Of course, with the recent influx of independent boutiques hitting Britain’s oldest recorded town, what better way to rid the minors of tiresome tracksuits than a sixties suit courtesy of newly opened ‘Best Days Vintage’ of Eld Lane.  

As the doors opened last month, the retro ensembles reigned. Amid a crowded one-man changing room, the town’s teenagers discarded drabs for dapper-wear sporting a mixture of colourful cloths in a variety of silhouettes from skin-tight trousers to oversized basketball shirts emulating a certain Fresh Prince. From acid washed denim jackets complete with eighties illusion shoulder pads to an array of accessories from felt fedoras to quilted chain bags a la Chanel, Colchester was in awe of the vintage finds available within the small-scale shop.

Dismissing the various hand-me-down, mothball infused connotations of the charity shop character, a diverse amount of youngsters have adopted and revived the trend. Still a contemporary custom to residents of Colchester however, the evocative apparel is steadily branching out to the older generation. So what better way to reminisce and delve into the eld than a trip to Eld Lane.    

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