My attempt to refrain from any sexual innuendoes will surely subside in regards to the above photo. However, if we are simply discussing purses, not penis’s, then arguably: the bigger the better.

Branded as 2014s must have, the embossed clutch from BOYY has become the epitome of self expression. Clutched by a fluster of fashionistas during the recent fashion weeks, the laptop sized purse has perched itself at the top of every bloggers wish list this season.

Whilst the ‘size does matter’ statement is actually personalized, perhaps the personality of the purse is what really matters. For a mere $555 (£330) you can customise your alphabet accessory choosing from a range of 26 letters and a colour variation of black and metallic.

Or you could simply just appreciate the design, purchase a permanent marker and DIY.

Luckily, this Summer Zara’s conspicuous use of copyright has made for a reasonably priced replica. Whilst the white pleather ‘stressed/but well dressed’ clutch may have sold out within a week due to an incessant amount of reblogs on tumblr, two new designs have been sent to the warehouse. In a citrus hue ‘have fun/non stop summer’, and in a Céline blue ‘caution/feeling lucky’. At £19.99, these 32 x 23cm pouches are a must have.

With the ability to communicate your emotions via embossed messages, the engraved evening bags pose as a moderately threatening accessory, in comparison to perhaps pointed tip nails. You know, the type that belong to a girl who doesn’t need to say anything but you know she’s a bad-ass-bitch?
Well, I may not be a bad-ass-bitch, but I’m certainly stressed and I guess I’m well dressed too? 






fedora: river island/jumper: h&m/trousers: asos/heels:zara/clutch:zara

4 thoughts on “PURSES NOT PENIS

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