tee: topshop/jeans: topshop/bag:zara/boots:underground london

 If my procrastination doesn’t sway me from updating my blog regularly, you will soon come to realise I am a serious shoe lover. Whilst my love for fashion apparel may come at a price, my ability to find, quote: ‘the perfect shoe’ every day week has no price limit.

Fortunately, in exchange to spending excessive amounts, I spotted a bargain. This pair arrived in the post today, ordered online from TKMAXX. Underground London Blue Suede Boots in a size 5 down to £30 from £100.

Whilst my preference for outré rather then orthodox comes at a fashion disadvantage, I tend to always purchase the outrageous and pair with the ordinary. See above: some form of monochrome ft. madness. You can’t go wrong with a plain white tee and skinny jeans. I just like to make sure my feet are fashionable.


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