Coco Chanel once quoted: ‘Fashions passes; style remains’ and whilst the inability to comprehend how long fashion trends will remain ‘on trend’, why are we needing to update our wardrobes with Zara every other week in a bid to be fashionable?

Last year, I feared the orthopedic inspired sandals for their geek chic statement knowing full well I would be selling them on Ebay by Christmas. This year, I fear the flared denim jean, knowing the seventies vibe will last only as long as the British Summer. But, yes, I still want a pair.

Without doubt, you and I are bound to fall in love with at least one fashion trend this season. Whether it’s a nostalgic nod to the nineties (yes, you, slacks) or a military moment with utility jackets a la Marc Jacobs. Yet, buying into these trends almost feels like you’re cheating. As if you walked into Zara with its designer to high street, copy and paste tactics and had fashion handed to you on a plate.

The guilt hits as you question your Instagram outfit upload along with the hash-tag ‘fashion’: Do I even like this?

One thought on “DO I EVEN LIKE THIS?

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