My obsession with skull decor has become even more apparent since moving into my new accommodation in London last month.  In the past two weeks my admiration for anatomy has made a dent in my skull-shaped purse (£60 to be exact). As for my desk, which is swiftly turning into a shrine for skull shaped objects, my Instagram profile is taking half of the daily hashtags for the word ‘skull’.

As Halloween peers it’s ‘head’ around the corner, skeletal symbols are everywhere. From Paperchase to The Natural History Museum gift shop, it’s spooky how much anatomy is available.

Here are my past purchases including some recommendations:


Look at the mug on that mug! Drink tea with the dead with this curious cup from Paperchase (click here)



 If you’re after anatomy admiration, The Book of Skulls (click here) is perfect to flick through whilst you sip from your deadly cuppa (click here)


Get dead drunk with Crystal Skull Vodka! After you’ve finished, fill the bottle with fairy lights. (click here)


                                                                                                                                     Light up your night with this skull set from ASOS.  (click here)


Keep your mind organised! From nevermindthehighstreet.com, this is perfect for essentials to fill your head with. (click here)

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