‘Am I a blogger now?’ said Hannah. ‘Yes, yes you are’. After a long time contemplating on the pretentiousness of being labelled a #blogger, my close friend and house mate Hannah Phillips decided to make a website to showcase her recent work. And what a wonder it’s done. After having her blog for less than a week she has received over 2000 views from all over the world.

Despite being a journalism student, her passion for photography was always evident. After a styling project for university came about, Hannah decided to purchase a Canon EOS 1200D. And she hasn’t put it down since.

So far her website has 5 different albums including ‘nature’, ‘Shoreditch expressions’ and ‘playground dreams’ shot in and around London. As seen above ‘Youth; part 2 – Playground Dreams’ includes me modelling. Shot in Tottenham Hale marshes on a cold Friday afternoon, her knack for #grunge has been beautifully showcased with a variety of different shots, wonderful editing and slick styling.

Her talent for photography will certainly drive her future career.

For general enquiries or if you would like to model for Hannah please contact her at: hannahphillips002@hotmail.com

insta: hphillipsphotography

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