After eight months of swiping left to 99% of the tinder population with the rare right swipe for the limited amount of Johnny Depp lookalikes, it was no surprise I received a tinder related book for Christmas.

‘Confessions of a Tinderella’ by Rosy Edwards.

After a long time contemplating her future as a spinster, 28 year old Rosie Edwards decided to download Tinder in hope of finding ‘the one’. What follows is a memoir recounting a numerous amount of drink, drug, and sex fueled tinder dates.

Of course, the drink was obvious, who doesn’t need to loosen up on a first date?

The drugs, however, were a misunderstanding. After a dodgy stomach which led to ten minutes of sitting on the toilet which belongs to your weirdo tinder date, the last thing you want is him to accuse you of sniffing cocaine in his bathroom, let alone shout ‘my ex and her fucking model friends used to…’.

Oh and the sex… ‘For the most part it was fine, but I had to deduct marks for the near-scalping.’

Bold and brazen, her recounts of real-life tinder experiences over nine months are bound to make you bite your lip (and not in a sexy way.)

Despite it’s predictability, the memoirs honesty is what makes the book a ‘me-too’ read. Light hearted and quick to read, her journey through the Tinder world will take you on a personal adventure of a modern day Bridget Jones.

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