Today celebrated the achievements of women and aims to inspire young individuals worldwide.

In honour of this day I have found you the top 3 must have girl-power t-shirts.
1. The caption for this shirt reads ‘if you say you aren’t a feminist it’s because you don’t know what the word means. or you’re just a massive disgusting bigot. i hope it’s option a).’This shirt isn’t about proving we’re superior to men, it’s proving we’re equal and deserve the same political, social and economical rights as men. and feminism is slowly changing this. Other stitches available include ‘GRLPWR’, ‘GIRL BOSS’, and the incredible ironic ‘TREAT YO SELF’ along with a stitched in tampon’ CHECK IT OUT @ WWW.GRLCLB.COM – £12.50
2. From Urban Outfitters, this loud t shirt is perfect for getting your message across. ‘GIRLS’ – they run the world. The yellow block letters contrast with the black and white stripes giving out a powerful message. Fashionable yet feminist, embrace your gender and get this t-shirt today.  URBAN OUTFITTERS – £29
3. Possibly the cutest tee you could find, this ‘cats against catcalls’ print from Redbubble is probably the sweetest way to covertly say ‘fuck off ‘to those who catcall. You would think this from of harassment would have stopped by now but apparently we have to meow the misogynists away. WWW.REDBUBBLE.COM – £15

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