The Lovers & Drifters Club is an Australian-born brand situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Founded in 2014 the women’s fashion label is made up of a small team of young, aspiring creatives who have taken idyllic inspiration to a whole new level. Available online only, the brand sources inspiration from the seventies, creating fashion for “dreamers, believers and rock n roll ballerinas” where flares and fur reunite.

Renowned for their oversized ‘shag’ jackets, The Lovers & Drifters Club intertwine sex and fashion into their online campaigns, embodying a free-spirited female with a rock n roll persona. Capturing tanned skin, tousled-beach hair and a sense of freedom only one can acquire from solo road trips and meaningless sex, their bohemian collections are feminist fashion at its absolute finest.


Handmade in Bali, their clothing ranges in price from $49 dollars for a slogan tee to $159 for a ‘shag’ jacket. Their small, charismatic collection includes one of their best sellers: ‘sex, breakfast of champions’ tee which features a drawing of a naked woman. Modelled in the mountains of LA or in the back of a Chevy, half naked models nonchalantly pose in vintage hued photos.

Creating inspiration for the wild-hearted, Lovers & Drifters have formed a community of free-spirits – the reason behind the ‘club’ name. Their blog, which is linked to their website:, features photoshoots, along with interviews and quotes, with young individuals (‘drifters’) who capture the essence of the brand perfectly. From Parisian bloggers to singer-song writers, art directors to actresses, a variety of cool individuals model the brands’ collections.


Their most recent collection, ‘Cool Kids Never Sleep’ modelled by Delilah Parillo embodies the Lovers & Drifters concept perfectly. Velvet fabrics paired with glittery heels; a cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. The collection features a block of text coinciding with the shoot describing the women in the pictures: ‘she could kill with casual lies.’


The Lovers & Drifters Club have taken inspiration to a whole new level along with a Tumblr, a Pinterest and an Instagram. Screen shots from 70s movies with subtitles reflecting the thoughts of a 20-year-old dreamer, lipstick stained mirrors and romancing backseat romps, the brands combination of sex, fashion, freedom and a whole lot of rock n roll is what makes its label so unique.

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