new year

New year, new me might sound like a load of bollocks but illusionary ‘beginnings’ are the perfect excuse to make resolutions for a better you. I mean, I could have started these resolutions months ago but the start of a new year just seems so much more ideal and hey, look, I have blog content.

This post might seem a little too obvious but I can’t wait to look back on this blog post next year and be proud of what I’ve achieved… I’d like to hope so anyway. So here goes, my new year’s resolutions featuring a photoshoot I did back in Summer with Onyi. 



I’ve started off the year with Veganuary. I’ve done this not only to challenge myself but to hopefully see improvements in my health. As someone who suffers with IBS and eczema it’s about time I actually focus on my gut, stop snacking and start eating wholesome meals. Last night I made a tofu curry and it was BANGING.


As a child I was an absolute bookworm, my nose would always be in a book and I couldn’t stand anything more than Barbie. As modern technology came around I found myself with a phone in my hand instead of a book and eventually words became pictures. It’s embarrassing to say I only read two books last year but over the past few weeks I’ve been unwinding with a book before I go to bed and this has really helped with my stress levels. I hope to read a lot more over the coming year.


Living in London is knackering. Renting in London is even more knackering. Having to move yearly is a struggle and I know this will happen for the next few years until I have finally made it as a full-time blogger (lol, dream on). What I have never done is made my room particularly homely. I’ve been in my current place 3 months and am still treating it like a hotel. This year I want to invest in homeware which I can take with me into my next place. HELLO MADE.COM



As you all probably know, eczema takes over my life. What I have only just started noticing recently is a lot of my scratching is habit. I’m not even itchy and I’ll itch myself as a coping mechanism for things such as stress or fatigue and wound up way more itchy than to begin with. This unhealthy habit is taking over my life and really impacting my mental health. This year I’m going to meditate more and let my stress out in other, more healthier ways.


Thanks to a poorly immune system I haven’t exactly looked my best this Christmas. With eczema covering practically 90% of my body, I certainly don’t look like I do in these photos. I love to write, it makes me happy and I love providing content for my readers however I am less inclined to shoot when I’m suffering from a flare up. Luckily, I’m on the mend and will be taking my blog as seriously as I possibly can – I’m going to post one blog a week, photoshoot or not, I will provide content.


Work my way up 

This year I landed a graduate internship role with my University. Despite thoroughly enjoying it, I need something more challenging. I’m going to apply for a higher role within the University this month and hopefully get that – if I don’t then it’s onwards and upwards into another job.

Take more outfit photos

It baffles me how Instagrammers take the time to take pictures of everything. I’m on my phone a lot but when I’m around friends I don’t want to constantly take pictures of my nights out – I’m having way too much fun. I’m going to make sure I take a lot more outfit pictures before my nights out though.


Wear more colour

As you might know from my previous blog posts, I’ve been trying to wear a lot more colour. Recently I bought a bulk load of pink from ASOS and couldn’t be happier with my purchases. Despite not being a girly-girl, pink is incredibly easy to rock up and I hope to introduce more colours into the mix.

Listen to more artists

If you follow me on Spotify, you will know my listening habits are ridiculous. I go from Bon Iver to Architects to Diana Ross within minutes and I’m still trying to figure out why. I often don’t go out of my way to find more artists, I’m usually recommended to listen to someone by friends or simply stumble across them online. This year I want to find new artists whether this be by going to local gigs or checking out the ‘similar’ button on spotify, oh, and stop constantly listening to the same artists over and over again.


All of these resolutions are really simple and luckily don’t involve a gym membership however they’re all something which I want to improve/work on and writing them up has allowed me to clearly see this. I can’t wait to see what the year holds.

What’s your new year’s resolutions?


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